CCIE – “Your CCIE Lab Success Strategy”


Har sett otaliga rekommendationer för boken “Your CCIE Lab Success Strategy – The Non-Technical Guidebook” så tog och beställde hem den idag från adlibris (210kr).

Your CCIE lab Success strategy is a unique guidebook which has been written by two double CCIEs, and deals with the non-technical aspects of CCIE Lab exam. In addition it answers the following questions :

• Where and how do I start preparing for my CCIE Lab?
• How much time do I need to prepare for CCIE Lab exam?
• What are the dos and don’ts for the CCIE Lab?
• When do I know I am ready to take my CCIE lab?
• How do I study efficiently for the CCIE lab exam?
• How much time should I devote daily and on weekends for studying?
• What do I need to do Three months, Three weeks and the day before the lab?
• What do I need to do the day after the lab (in case I don’t pass)?
This first of its kind guidebook is a result of filtering and crystallizing all of the ideas and strategies that we collected from talking with a large number of CCIEs.

In this guidebook we:
• Share our stories and stories of many successful CCIEs with you.
• Offer the knowledge that we have gained throughout our CCIE journey two times.
• Cover over 30 topics and issues that we have faced and that you will likely be facing.
• Will walk you through every step of the journey.
• Give you multiple timelines for engineers with different skill sets.
• Tell you the right frame of mind that you will need to pass your CCIE lab.

This book is written in a very relaxing casual conversational format in which, we present to you the strategies that we used and then give our own personal example as “what we did.”
Each chapter is about 3 to 4 short pages right to the point with clear and precise answers to your questions.

Får återkomma med en recension senare.. 🙂 Den har åtminstone fått väldigt bra recensioner på amazon.

Edit: Ger betyget 0,5/5 – helt poänglös som endast tar upp helt självklara saker. Boken är förövrigt tryckt som att den var anpassad för någon som är i princip blind, gigantisk text och extra radbrytningar, givetvis endast för att få boken att verka längre/ha fler sidor än vad den egentligen har. Förövrigt är sista 30-40 sidorna bara kopior av varandra, uppskattar att boken kanske är på 100 “riktiga” sidor egentligen. Köp EJ..

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