Busy summer & recertified CCNP

Been a few months since my last post as I’ve had a crazy busy summer/autumn and it will probably take a while longer until I get going again. Cisco has introduced their new revamped certifications track which looks hard but very interesting, I’ll probably give the DevOps-track a go next year. But for now I’ve recently renewed my CCNP R&S for another 3 years at least.

So what have I been up to the last few months?

I became a dad!

We bought a house!

And everything else feels pretty minor in comparison.. I’ve still been doing some coding though as I’ve attempted to build a smart home (project ongoing..) via Home Assistant and IoT.

Lots of hair pulling to get everything working but it’s slowly coming together now with more and more automation’s running to make everyday life a little simpler. I have a project open over at GitHub that’s updated now and then when I find some time to spare (happens very rarely now for some reason..). 🙂

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