I’ve been busy these last few days working on migrating the website I created over at to Telias datacenter as it soon will be deployed for official use in the company, fun stuff! 🙂 It’s like an NSO-light which creates configuration (initial, full config & verification) for deployment of aggregation nodes, new links, services etc based on Python & Flask.

I’ve written a few posts showing how to do things like automate config for DHCP, firewalls & IOS etc that can be found here, here, here, here & here (in swedish though).  My weakest point is for sure design & CSS so i’m having a pretty rough time renewing the design (& HTML5) making it more dynamic but it’s slowly coming together now. I’ll host a demo-page the next few days when i’m closer to finishing it.

Moving from my own Raspberry to a very secured and locked down release of RHEL7 was a challenge as well hehe.. I’ve been trying to keep up with the reading in the mornings at least and i’m soon done with Internet Routing Architectures, it’s an old book but a very good read, highly recommended as a good intro to BGP!

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