Finally finished my project!

With just a one day to go before vacation I finally finished the webportal i’ve been working on last few weeks/months and it’s now in production at the company I work at. Time to celebrate with a new whisky I think… 🙂

Purpose of the website is to semi-automate the building process and simplify config-generation (+ verification & deployment steps) for new links, nodes & services dynamically with just a few clicks. It will also rebuild existing solutions to newer architecture by just copy/paste’ing the current config. It’s written entirely in Python & Flask with some simple shellscripts running in the background to fetch statistics and some other minor stuff.

I’ve hosted a demo-page with very limited functionality and redacted config-templates if anyone is interested at Spent the evening redesigning my own personal site as well which was very overdue.

Had a blast working on this project,  it also feels like most things in our field is slowly moving in the direction of more software-based networks and automation so i’m looking forward to dive deeper and learn more.


I’ve been busy these last few days working on migrating the website I created over at to Telias datacenter as it soon will be deployed for official use in the company, fun stuff! 🙂 It’s like an NSO-light which creates configuration (initial, full config & verification) for deployment of aggregation nodes, new links, services etc based on Python & Flask.

I’ve written a few posts showing how to do things like automate config for DHCP, firewalls & IOS etc that can be found here, here, here, here & here (in swedish though).  My weakest point is for sure design & CSS so i’m having a pretty rough time renewing the design (& HTML5) making it more dynamic but it’s slowly coming together now. I’ll host a demo-page the next few days when i’m closer to finishing it.

Moving from my own Raspberry to a very secured and locked down release of RHEL7 was a challenge as well hehe.. I’ve been trying to keep up with the reading in the mornings at least and i’m soon done with Internet Routing Architectures, it’s an old book but a very good read, highly recommended as a good intro to BGP!