Finally finished my project!

With just a one day to go before vacation I finally finished the webportal i’ve been working on last few weeks/months and it’s now in production at the company I work at. Time to celebrate with a new whisky I think… 🙂

Purpose of the website is to semi-automate the building process and simplify config-generation (+ verification & deployment steps) for new links, nodes & services dynamically with just a few clicks. It will also rebuild existing solutions to newer architecture by just copy/paste’ing the current config. It’s written entirely in Python & Flask with some simple shellscripts running in the background to fetch statistics and some other minor stuff.

I’ve hosted a demo-page with very limited functionality and redacted config-templates if anyone is interested at Spent the evening redesigning my own personal site as well which was very overdue.

Had a blast working on this project,  it also feels like most things in our field is slowly moving in the direction of more software-based networks and automation so i’m looking forward to dive deeper and learn more.