Last week of vacation

Haven’t done much labbing during my vacation and instead focused on reading/doing flashcards now and then, guess it’s important to unplug as well but at the same time I don’t want to lose all momentum… 🙂 Think i’ve managed to find a pretty good balance but the downside is that I haven’t had any interesting labs to posts about. I have however stumbled upon some pretty cool communities and other stuff that I thought I could share:

  • RouterGods –
    A large community full of really talented & friendly people, comes with a large chat room full of CCIE/NP/NA study groups, lab-sessions, work help and much more. Highly recommended!
  • ACM –
    “The world’s largest educational and scientific computing society”. One of the major benefits of becoming a member for $99 is that it also includes a membership to Safari Books (which originally costs $399!). There’s no secret that to become a CCIE you’ll have to read, a LOT, and Safari has pretty much everything you could ever ask for.
  • Dmitry Figols Network Programmability Lab on Youtube
    Dmitry has an excellent youtube-series i’ve been trying to catch up on where he shows how to build automation tools in Python using things like netmiko, YAML, Ansible, asyncio, NAPALM, NSO and much much more.
  • Anki Flashcards –
    Wish I would have found this earlier instead of using as my main resource for making flashcards during my earlier study sessions. Anki is free and really, really good. I’d recommend you always write your own flashcards to improve memorization but I also found an excellent resource written by Jedaiah Casey over at (3,500 high quality flashcards for the CCIE R&S 5.1). I’m sure there’s some benefit alternating your own flashcards with these to make sure you just haven’t missed some major points.