Intro to Github, Linux on Win10 & dotfiles

I’ve been buried with work trying to deploy the web portal I mentioned earlier before I go on vacation, only 2 weeks left! Also finally gotten my feet wet trying out Github for the first time and it’s been real eye opener, how I managed without it earlier I don’t know… I’ll try and get around posting some repos next time I write about Python/automation again. 🙂

Really recommend watching Corey Schafers tutorials/intro to Github here if you’re interested, he does an amazing job explaining most of the features you’ll ever need.

Spending so much time in a linux prompt and writing some shell scripts now and then it’s been a bit annoying not being able to test them without having to SSH in to a linux-distro every time. Today I stumbled upon another pretty cool video from Corey showing how you now can run a Linux subsystem within Windows 10!

It was very easy getting started, just open up your start menu and search for “Turn Windows features on or off” and enable “Windows Subsystem for Linux”. After installation/reboot is done just search for whatever distro you want to run in the Windows store and install!

Another cool thing he mentions is which is full of neat little scripts to make every day life easier. I recommend checking out Mathias Bynens repo at to start with and look around, feels like there’s something for everyone.